Scheduled Shows:

None yet planned. We'll be attending quite a bit in 2016 however at quite a lot of 4-H shows! Didn't make it to the Portland ARBA show but we'll still be attending a few of those. Check our website occasionally to see what shows we'll be appearing at.

We WILL actually be attending the:


in Redmond, OR

on September 17th, 2016!



Me and Tammy Vaughn from Fuzzy Vaughns at the County Fair. She helped me prep Ruby up for showmanship.

Opal Hill Angora Rabbitry is an independently-run rabbitry located in the agritural area of Inner East Portland. We specialize in raising and breeding pure-bred Satin Angora's, a rabbit breed that has been introduced recently.


Most Satin Angora colors are recognized by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), so they are a good rabbit to show. Your bunny will also probably get lots of attention from people who have not seen this breed before. They are real crowd pleasers!


Other than using this website just for commercial purposes, we have decided to try to be resourceful and post everything we know and love about Angoras...from how to groom them to showing, etc. Take a look around!


I do not ship Angoras, nor do I sell them in cages. I only sell them to people around the area or people who are willing to trek the rabbit to their state.





We are members and contributors of the following:


Multnomah County 4-H

We will also, hopefully, soon be members of IAGARB!


We sell to fiber artists, people studying fiber art, people interested in this breed, people doing breeding programs, ARBA-members, show homes, other breeders, and 4-h youth! I do not sell my rabbits as pets or Easter bunnies! These rabbits require lots of work and love.


No drop-ins, please! We are a rabbitry closed from dropping-in, as we can get busy and we are travelling around the state quite a bit. Please make an appointment to drop by to see our rabbitry and/or our rabbits. Thanks! -Erin


Discounts for 4-Hers and FFA members.


I also do not just give rabbits out! To buy one of my rabbits, you will need to make reservations.


Update: I should have some yarn ready to sell pretty soon! I will post pictures and prices on this page when I am ready. I will also hopefully (although not verified yet) be at the 2016 Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest! Hope to see you there.



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